Meorca, the independent search engine that does not index pornography.

BETA: Meorca, independent UK focused, alternative search engine that always returns unbiased safe search results because we don’t index pornography or illegal content websites. We are on a mission to provide a protected space for Internet users, to build the world’s first truly safe search engine; a search engine that does not index illegal content, while providing safe, unique and unbiased search results.

Meorca is a crawler based search engine with its own index of web pages, we don’t rely on any other search engine to deliver our search results or manipulate the search results, and as our index grows the quality of the search results we return improve, ensuring your experience when using Meorca also improves. We are in the process of indexing and adding sites, beta testing and tweaking our algorithms, focusing on UK relevent websites and content using freely available open source search technology as the basis of the Meorca Search Engine, Meorca is hosted in the United Kingdom.

Meorca Blog is an open public blog which is great for people to post about and share things that matter to them, all they need is a Meorca Blog Account.

Innovation drives us, we put the majority of any investment, sponsorship or donation towards research and development with the aim to create useful technological tools for everyday use by everyone. Feel free to send us a message if you want any further info, to send us feedback or if you wish to join us on our mission to provide Safe search always…