Meorca Safety Policies

Meorca is committed to online and mobile safety. Protecting the safety of our members is very important to us.

Staying safe on Meorca
Most people use Meorca to search, buy and sell items, stay connected with friends and have fun. However, there are people who don’t play by the same rules so be mindful and don’t let these users ruin your experience, but make sure that you do what you can to stay safe.

Simple steps
Think carefully about what you post online and who you want to see it. Consider restricting your profiles to ‘friends/followers’ only.

Remember anything you post can be shared
Even with strong privacy settings in place, it is important to remember the fact that what you post online is never really private and can be shared. It is therefore important that you always think before you post.

Recognise the fakes
Not everyone on social media will be who they say they are. There can be young people and adults who pretend to be someone else and could cause you harm. For example they may try to trick you into sharing personal or private information that they could use against you. It’s important that you never meet up with someone you don’t know.

Spring clean your contacts
When you make a friend online, it doesn’t have to be permanent. Review and clean up your contacts regularly – particularly anyone who spreads negative content or doesn’t make you feel good about yourself.

Block anyone who bothers you
We empower you to block people who you don’t want accessing your account, and they won’t be notified.

Protect your identity
Never share your phone number, address, bank details and any information that may hint to your personal passwords. Experienced password hackers or phishing sites can piece together your information to gain access to your account, or use your identity to create a new one. Make sure passwords are strong, change them regularly and always keep them private.

Avoid the big risks
One of the hardest things you can go through is having a very private video or image shared with others online. Think carefully before sharing any private or personal content as there are no guarantees that this won’t get into the wrong hands. If someone really cares about you they will respect your choice not to share personal information, photos or videos.

Let your friends and family know about your online choices
Other people will never respect your privacy as much as you do. Make sure your friends and family know your preferences about uploading pictures, tagging your location or sharing information you expect to be confidential. This works both ways, so make sure that you respect other people’s privacy in the same way.

Watch out for suspicious messages
Messages with a shortened URL alongside a statement such as ‘OMG look at this picture of you…’ or ‘Have you seen what they are saying about you…’ are not to be trusted.

Phishing emails are also a problem. These are fake communications pretending to be a trusted organisation such as a bank that will try and get you to log in. They can look very convincing, and even have your personal profile info, so only sign into a site through their official page or app.

Privacy and security settings exist for a reason: Use the privacy and security settings in your account. They are there to help you control who sees what you post and manage your online experience in a positive way.

We ask that members immediately report all inappropriate content, behavior and underage users by using the Report link on the content or profile pages, or by contacting us with the details of the profile or content in question and details of the offense.

we collaborate on safety practices, moderation, and education to further our commitment to continuous improvement to develop new safety tools and technologies designed to protect and safeguard our communities.

We collaborate with industry leaders to stay one step ahead and address common challenges such as user verification, age estimation, and textual analysis. Meorca also shares best practices and collaborates actively with other safety-focused organisations.

We have integrated safety into the design of our projects, making our platforms and applications safer for children.