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Q.) Can anyone post on Meorca?
Yes — Meorca is great for posting about things that matter to you, all you need is an Account!
When submitting posts to Meorca please follow the below guidelines.

  • Posts must NOT be advertisements, sales letters, press releases, blatant or excessive self-promotion, hype, promotional copy or fake news.
  • All submissions must be original work.
  • All articles must have a minimum of 500 words.

Q.) Why hasn’t my post been published?
It’s possible that your post got caught in a spam filter or was removed by a moderator.
Meorca has a spam filter designed to automatically detect spam posts but sometimes legitimate posts get caught by the filter.

Q.) Who owns the content I post or upload?
You own the copyright, if the content you post or upload is completely new and original. That means it doesn’t contain anyone else’s content, such as images, videos and music.
For anything that contains content made by someone else, the copyright may belong to them. You must have rights to all material, including text, images and video clips that you post.
NOTE: By submitting an article, you grant Meorca a non-exclusive right to use your post (in whole or in part) without any compensation.

Q.) Do you have more questions or need help?
Get more information or help by visiting our User Help Forum

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